Save up to 80 field and admin hours per month per employee with the right systems!

Not For Profit Industry

Technology is rapidly reshaping the construction industry. No longer can pen and paper be relied upon to track supply or progress. Computer programs now interconnect the industry like never before, streamlining communication and efficiency.

The construction industry has been seen as slow in its digital adoption, with pencil drawings and clipboards commonly seen across building sites. Lack of training and a skills shortage, along with workers reluctance to fully embrace technology has allowed this to happen, but to ensure maximum productivity construction business must move forward and embrace the digital age.

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Adapt to change quicker and become more agile with managed IT support

Future-proofing your company has never been easier by outsourcing your IT needs to a leader of digital transformation like 1101. Our tech experts will ensure your software, programs and AI are kept up to date.

Reduce downtime and increase productivity

Do your current IT systems serve you well or let you down? Through a combination of managed IT and digital transformation, we can help you get your separate systems to talk to each other and ensure all your critical service functions are monitored. This aims to reduce your system and end-user downtime as well as ensuring we minimise time consuming manual administration functions.

Protect your data, protect your business integrity with endpoint security

As the digital world continues to grow cybersecurity risks have increased too, this is increasingly an issue for businesses who previously worked solely on-site. Simple steps can be taken to reduce the threat window and ensure an IP and environment is protected by deploying a centrally managed anti-virus, malware, firewall and email filtering policy to end-users.

Keep your business running by having adequate backup and disaster recovery plans

In the same vein as protecting your business from cyber threats, backup and disaster recovery should be part of your overall business security and continuity plan. A lot of businesses run on the “it’s never happened to us” mentality. However, what if you did lose access to your systems? What would the impact look like? And how long could you be without access to your critical systems including phonelines, email, applications or files?

Upskill the workforce and reduce human errors with ongoing system development and training

Has the increasing use in technology opened up a skills gap in your workforce? Our partners can choose to work with our consultants who are industry specialists to look at ongoing improvement programs linked in with training and development of staff and champions.