Business Intelligence

Data analytics makes decision-making 5x faster for businesses.

Why do you need Business Intelligence?

Do you want to learn from how you do business and improve your efficiency, save both time and money? Business Insights gives leaders the tools to analyse raw data into easy-to-digest insights that can be used across organisations at all levels.

Business Intelligence reveals insights for making strategic decisions, analysing past and present data and presenting these in an intuitive visual way, speeding up information analysis and performance evaluations. The findings can help business to reduce inefficiency and flag potential issues, supporting future growth.

Historically business intelligence tools were used exclusively by IT departments and data analysts but now they are accessible to any team or department.

These tools can help improve efficiency in customer experience, sales and marketing, operations, finance, inventory control, and security and compliance.

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Business Intelligence


Data-driven decisions

Analyse and visualise data from multiple sources with the support of our team. Get an accurate view of how your business is currently performing and make strategic decisions for improvement.

Available anywhere

Business Intelligence can be accessed on any device with an internet connection whether on the road, at home or in the office. Our team can support you to get your team set up remotely.

Share instantly

Dashboards can easily be shared with other in your organisations share data visualisations and analytics. Enabling your business to drive collaboration and innovation.


Business Intelligence seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft products. Our team can support you to bring your products together and improve efficiency.

Expert support and training

Keep Business Intelligence running properly and improve productivity with the help of our experienced Microsoft professionals.

Security and compliance

Microsoft’s Power Platform is built on Azure, giving you the same enterprise-grade security and administrative controls that are trusted by businesses globally.