67% of employees use personal devices at work, whist only 61% of companies do not have policies in place to secure their data

Why do you need Intune?

Smartphones have become a cornerstone of business productivity and motivation, giving employees the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere from the comfort of their palm. Around 87 percent of companies rely on their employees using personal devices to access business apps.

But while this has opened pathways for new and exciting forms of collaboration, how can you enable mobility without sacrificing security? Did you know that almost half of all data loss (47 percent) is due to end-users deleting information?

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based mobile device management system which works with Azure Active Directory to protect your corporate data while keeping your organization productive.

Manage the mobile devices, PCs, and applications that workforces use while controlling how corporate data is accessed to ensure mobile users are compliant with your organisation’s security requirements. This provides an additional level of safety beyond what the mobile operating system or mobile apps themselves offer.

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Business Intelligence


Safeguard your data

Our Intune consultants can ensure business information is protected on all your company-owned and bring-your-own (BYO) devices and set security alerts based on suspicious user activity.

User rights management

Control who can access what files and folders and for how long, with the ability to automatically revoke access after a certain time or only permit access from specified devices.

Industry compliance

Protect the business data you store in the cloud and comply with legal and regulatory standards by restricting copy and saving of corporate or sensitive information.

Compatible with whatever the device

Remote mobile management system that can be deployed on all operating systems including Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices

No costly infrastructure

As Intune is fully cloud based and syncs with new or existing Microsoft 365 or Azure environments, you won’t have to fork out for any additional software or hardware.

Grows with your demands

Intune is fully flexible and scalable, helping simplify the management of any modern workplace to allow your growing workforce to work anywhere with an internet connection.