Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

40%-60% of small businesses never reopen after a disaster.

Why do you need backup / data recovery?

Most of us have experienced that crushing moment of panic where we thought we’d lost a significant piece of data such as a 3,000-word document or a database of accounts. Every business would prefer to avoid losing data at all costs – yet around 30 percent of people have never backed up a device.

Not having backup or data recovery options in place leaves businesses wide-open to a minefield of avoidable disasters.

Data loss can happen at any given moment and in many forms, from hard-drive failures, to cyber attacks, human error, or theft. The wisest strategic decision any business can make is to keep a copy of data or files too valuable to lose on a separate device from which it can be restored in the event of data loss. But a solid disaster recovery plan should be far more than just a routine data backup. So, what backup options do you have?

The age-old debate of on-site vs cloud-based backup continues to cause confusion for many businesses. Before you decide, you need to weigh up the pros and cons of both. Our experienced and reputable team can offer you advice based on the individual size, needs and current IT management systems of your company.

If you already have backup and disaster recovery plans in place, we can screen them to check how robust they are and advise on ways to further safeguard your data against accidental or malicious outage.

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