Server Backup

45% of companies reported downtime from hardware failure.

Why do you need server backup / recovery?

If your business is large, provides a critical service, or necessitates high levels of customer service, an on-site server may suit your company better than cloud-based options.

Servers have a range of uses, from storing files to controlling domain access to your network or acting as a central resource for programmes and applications. But one of their main benefits is being able to store secondary copies of critical data as backup for if (read when) disaster strikes.

Due to their location – usually in your office or ours – they can be easily managed and maintained by an experienced technician. Accessibility is key to ensuring your server remains protected and up to date. If you already have a server, how often do you test it? And how confident are you that it provides bullet-proof security against data loss?

Whether you’re looking at adding a server into your data backup plan or would like to give your current server an MOT, our expert team can advise on the best server solution.

Other Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

Server Backup

Disaster Recovery

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Automatic monitoring

Catch server faults, such as disk failure, before they happen and prevent those breakdowns you wouldn’t even know about through continual monitoring.

High speed recovery

If the server was to fail or get hacked, our expert team has the knowledge and skillset to fix it immediately, preventing critical downtime and the cost/inconvenience of buying a new server.

Discreet, planned updates

Who wants to wait hours to download new software versions? With remote access to your server, we work behind the scenes to discreetly update it at a convenient time so end-users don’t lose precious work time.

Continuity is key

RAround 98 percent of businesses don’t backup their data daily. A server works round the clock, with remote access for when things go wrong and upgrade capabilities to bolster your server security.

Insightful analytics

Comprehensive reporting from the server allows you to understand how devices are managed, your company’s optimum performance, and how compliant you are.

Fixed costs

Once you’ve factored in the initial financial investment for the infrastructure and the remote management of it, servers are a reliable asset for business growth for many SMEs.