Office 365

Most companies will use or be familiar with Microsoft’s flagship Office applications such as Word, Excel and Outlook. The online version, Microsoft 365, has been a game changer for businesses looking to work collaboratively and remotely at the same time.

Why do you need office 365 backup / recovery?

But how secure is it?

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based infrastructure that offers an elite subscription service for online access to productivity tools, file storage and sharing that has helped millions of businesses become more efficient and data driven.

But hackers have noticed the high level of users. Businesses are being inundated by sophisticated email attacks which are slipping through Microsoft’s existing security filters and wreaking havoc on end-user accounts.

Prevent, anticipate and alleviate the risk of data loss or accounts being compromised with simple end-to-end protection for your Microsoft 365 subscription.

Whether you already have a Microsoft 365 subscription or are considering it to improve productivity, additional security is an easy and simple way to protect against data loss or cyber threats.

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Office 365


Triple lock your accounts

Detect and block even the most sophisticated of threats with three layers of protection that have been patented for the ultimate security.

Complete simplicity

With no need for software or hardware, we’ll deploy fully automated security apps on your existing Microsoft 365 plan that we can manage and backup remotely

Anticipate cyber attacks

Identify, analyse and proactively monitor your Microsoft 365 credentials to secure all accounts before data loss occurs.

Dark web monitoring

Automatically searches the ‘dark web’, a hidden network of anonymous IP addresses and websites, to check credentials and personal information haven’t been stolen or breached.

Cross-user restoration

If data is lost, end-users and administrators can quickly find and restore missing files in a few clicks from the secure additional backup plan.

Enterprise-level performance

You’ll benefit from unlimited data storage and retention, industry leading security, and enhanced compliance.