Mobile Device Security

74% of global enterprise IT leaders claim their companies experienced a data breach due to mobile security issues.

Why do you need easy-care?

Can you imagine how would even operate without the use of mobile devices, let alone your business? But in the same breath, are you confident in the security of your mobile devices? Mobile device management is an efficient way of monitoring, managing and securing mobile devices to strengthen your company’s security policy.

Due to their portable nature, the use of mobile devices has been a game changer for businesses, allowing work to be completed remotely from home offices, dining tables, and coffee shops around the world. But while this has increased productivity, it has also opened corporations up to more security threats such a data leaks or unauthorised access.

With more employees working away from the office, mobile device management allows us to remotely track and access devices such as laptops, tablets and phones to fix problems, back-up files, and wipe them of sensitive data should the worst happen.

Not only will it put you at ease that those devices most used by your employees are fully compliant, it will also save you money in the long run by acting as an extra insurance plan for business data and information if company devices get lost, stolen or broken.

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Mobile Device Management


Enhance corporate security policies

Add an extra layer of protection against data theft or leaks and ensure your company’s data and device policy is automatically deployed across all devices.

Set up a geofence

We can help you create a safe zone where mobile devices can only be used (i.e., the office) and send you alerts when devices leave that boundary.

Track and trace devices

Remote monitoring means we can easily detect when mobile devices connect to the network or use company data, helping reduce the risk of a data leak or device breach.

Lock and wipe lost or stolen devices

Should devices get lost, stolen, or left behind in a coffee shop, our automatic erasing capability will turn those devices into just a heavy brick.

Block non-enterprise apps in work hours

We’re all guilty of checking social media throughout the working day. If this begins to affect staff productivity, we can control, limit or remove certain applications without user interaction.

Automatic back-up

Save time and hassle with scheduled back-ups to reduce downtime if a mobile device crashes or is lost.