Email Security

75% of cyber attacks start with an email.

Why do you need email security?

Spam, malware and phishing emails aren’t going away anytime soon. If anything, they’re getting more convincing.

Can your staff really tell the difference between a fake and legitimate email? And, if not, does your current email provider offer the strongest protection?

A business that relies solely on their email host’s spam filter receives the bare minimum of email security requirements. Having a strong password and managing trusted devices isn’t enough for growing companies. Email threats move quickly and so extra precautionary measures should be in place as a safety net to anticipate future risks of your email accounts being compromised.

Advanced cloud-based security options are easy to use and help businesses meet compliance regulations. Along with offering anti-spam, virus protection, and encryption, one major plus-point is they vet all emails before they even reach the server or network.

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Email Security

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Advanced spam and phishing protection

Block spam, viruses, and volume-based attacks before they reach the corporate network and your email inboxes to save your company’s important data.

No connection? No problem

Never fear an internet outage again. Your staff will still receive inbound emails if your company’s server or network is offline.

Outbound email filtering

Adaptable spam filters help automatically protect your brand’s reputation and avoid IP address blacklisting.

Never lose an email again

Rapidly retrieve any emails that have been misplaced or deleted locally

Confidentiality and compliance

All sensitive emails will be automatically encrypted to protect customer data with an unlimited, searchable, securely stored cloud email archive that can be accessed at any time.