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43% of cyber-attacks target small businesses

Why do you need security?

Around 1.5million people are victims of cyber attacks each day. That’s about 18 every second. So, it’s no wonder half of all SMEs have already experienced a breach of cyber security, with figures only set to rise.

Data is one of the most valuable assets in a tech-driven world, and hackers and organised online crime rings continue to develop sophisticated ways to steal a company’s data for monetary gain.

But can your business really afford to take a financial or reputational hit from an invisible threat by not having adequate frontline defences? Chances are, the cost of downtime, relocating resources, data loss and compliance breach fines will far outweigh the cost of preventative measures.

This area of IT management is broad and complex, but there are various tools that businesses can implement that work independently or cohesively to ensure maximum level of cyber security.

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