Endpoint Encryption Security

Every 39 seconds there is a cyber attack.

Why do you need endpoint encryption security?

Protect your company’s valuable data and assure your business remains compliant against GDPR laws with a simple, effective and streamlined system that won’t slow you down.

Data is a critical asset to any business. It helps companies operate more effectively, improve their products and services, and increase customer satisfaction with an end goal of maximising profitability. But like kryptonite, it can also be a company’s most exploitable weakness, especially when it goes beyond the realm of your corporate network.

So, can you afford to leave your company exposed to high-risk data breaches by not being adequately protected?

No company, no matter its size, is invincible when it comes to data leaks. Almost half (43 percent) of all companies have identified a cybersecurity breach in the last year. Huge global organisations such as LinkedIn, Facebook, British Airways and Yahoo have fallen victim to data breaches in recent years. Not only does this trigger a financial impact, but a company’s reputation also takes a hit when sensitive information from its customer-base is relinquished.

Around 80 percent of all data breaches are caused by human error or staff negligence. Training and maintenance only go so far; the only way to fully protect your data is by deploying endpoint encryption.

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Bespoke options to suit your business needs

Choose to encrypt everything on a device or just specific files; we’ll work with you to determine the most helpful and efficient method.

Multiple and flexible protection points

Safely encrypt hard drives, removable media files (USBs etc.) and emails across all workstations and users, as well as mobiles, tablets and personal devices.

Minimal user interaction

Easy to deploy, configure and manage from a single app dashboard to centralise administration and reduce disruption to your staff.

Assured and powerful threat protection

Meet your data security obligations by protecting your company’s intellectual property and data from intentional or unintentional attacks, data loss or leakage of sensitive information.

Remote cloud-based management

If an endpoint is lost or compromised, you’ll have remote access to enforce security policies, and issue or revoke encryption keys.

Advanced documentation and reporting

Improve your internal security policies and be prepared for external audits with insightful reports, online resources, webinars and a compliance checker.