Endpoint Security

Every 39 seconds there is a cyber attack

Why do you need endpoint security?

Ransomware, zero-day threats, fileless attacks. They may sound like preposterous perils from a low-budget sci-fi thriller, but malware of any description is one antagonist you definitely don’t want to encounter in real life.

Endpoints are one of the biggest and most vulnerable targets for cyber criminals to access corporate networks, steal data or hold information hostage. And with data one of your business’ Being diligent and having basic antivirus software is simply not enough protection against sophisticated of security breaches.

Modern endpoint security options are advanced, complex and comprehensive, protecting multiple devices and points of entry to your network via a single management dashboard. This means, instead of devices having the security blanket of an office firewall, on-device security is automatically deployed to each endpoint.

Plus, we can manage automatic or scheduled updates network wide, rather than installing on individual devices. Because let’s face it, even the most cautious amongst us are guilty of ignoring pop-ups when an update is required.

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Endpoint Security

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Mobile Device Management


Safeguard your digital devices

Adaptable and flexible options that protect your company’s hardware, software, cloud-based infrastructure and network as well as mobile and remote devices.

Think like a hacker

We’ll determine risks and identify every possible route a hacker might take to access your data and effectively deploy the correct level of protection at the right places.

Rapid detection

Constant monitoring means we can quickly detect threats before they happen which is crucial for preventing serious harm to your company’s productivity and reputation

Greater control against privacy and cybersecurity

Sophisticated technology and in-depth analysis can be tailored to protect against ransomware, block targeted attacks, and prevent data breaches.

Constant monitoring and alerts

Our experts take full responsibility for monitoring all activities and ensuring all devices are up to date with the latest operating systems. If managed protection can’t remove the threat, we’ll connect with the user to resolve the problem direct.

Third-party integrations

Endpoint security tools communicate with other security systems to share threat intelligence so they can learn from each other.