Rapid technological change is overhauling traditional processes across all industries. But with engineering in particular, technology adoption and innovation has become the strategic core of business models, driven by the greater need for productivity, operational performance and financial security.

Engineering Industry

But digital transformation for engineering companies doesn’t just happen at the press of a button. As workforce shortages drive businesses to reduce human involvement, automation becomes a major challenge. Different technology concepts all being applied simultaneously makes the situation even harder to master. And it drives up costs, especially in research and development.

If the switch from conventional to digital technologies is keeping you up all night, you may be looking for a little helping hand to overcome any challenges your engineering firm is facing. 1101 4 Service has vast experience supporting the engineering industry with their IT and digital transformation needs.

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Delegate maintenance tasks to keep systems up to date

Replacing traditional mechanics in engineering with modern technologies often results from changes in user behaviour and expectations. But the integration of software in mechanical components is also a commercial consideration. Algorithms are needed to reduce wear and tear and keep total costs down, but does your workforce have the knowledge, time and resources to keep these updated? Managed IT support is there for engineering firms to outsource any laborious IT tasks.

Automation is the blueprint to free up employees to upskill in other areas

Have your engineers become chained to the rising and repetitive administrative tasks associated with their roles? Manually inputting, transferring and updating data should be a thing of the past. Digital transformation empowers companies to use a diverse range of automated admin and analytic tools, such as BIM and PIM, helping your skilled and trained engineers get back to work that adds value in construction, design or testing

Consolidate platforms and processes to ensure business continuity

Rapid onboarding during the pandemic may have led to a more complex digital ecosystem. But if these new systems, processes and resources were hastily designed and implemented, you may be finding ongoing development and management costs are rising. Some systems may even be failing as data is duplicated. A digital transformation specialist like 1101 4 Service can audit your existing systems and look at any challenges you may be facing, providing options for where advancements can be made to ensure the smooth flow of data.

Protect your business integrity in a data-led industry with a solid back-up and DR plan

As a cornerstone of the global economy, engineering has always evolved at a fast pace. But as technology allows engineers to become more collaborative and innovative, they also have an increased access to data that affects everything from research and development to predictive analysis. So, how do you manage and protect that data? And what would happen if you were to lose it all? It’s more important than ever that engineering businesses have adequate data backup and disaster recovery in place to prevent data loss and ensure sustainable growth.

Take a proactive approach to cybersecurity with cloud services

Due to the nature of their work, which can encompass global travel, engineers have effectively and efficiently utilised cloud computing. They can now store all their digital designs, 3D models, and data capture in one place. But what about cloud-based security? Keep your environment safe and data secure by centralising identity and access management through single sign on (SSO) and multi-factor authorisation which protect your users from 99.9 percent of cybersecurity attacks.

Use digital transformation to reach sustainability goals

Engineers need to focus on building sustainable structures that will have a positive effect on the environment as they play their part in tackling the climate crisis. Digital transformation and technology are invaluable tools to enable a more sustainable future by providing your engineers with the ability to see where emissions can be reduced via energy efficiency and usage.

Create a culture of innovation by leading from the top

At every engineering firm there will be those who are enthusiastic about innovation, while others are resistant to change. Many leaders have identified threats, challenges and opportunities related to digital transformation, but perhaps pressures of costs, skills gaps and workforce apprehension make it difficult to implement. In turn, this can fail to attract digitally savvy talent. It’s a catch-22 situation and can cause businesses to become stagnate. Our GAIN20 programme will give leaders the awareness and confidence needed bite the bullet and set measurable strategic goals enabled by digital transformation.