Lawyers characteristically have a time-driven mindset. But this often doesn’t correlate to the legal industry business model which has remained relatively unchanged in centuries.

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It would be fair to say that the legal industry has historically struggled to keep up with ever-changing technology, characterised by concerns with data security, limited budget and resources. But as more law firms realise the true potential of digital transformation to improve efficiency, the adoption of new technologies is helping those previously at risk of falling behind.

1101 4 Service is working with law firms to improve processes, produce superior services, and implement modern software to accelerate their business amidst the changing industry landscape.

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Put innovation high on the agenda to stand out from the crowd

The legal industry won’t escape the Industrial Revolution 4.0. If anything, the pace at which law firms are adopting digital transformation is gathering as clients an increasing emphasis on digital capabilities when choosing a solicitor to represent them. Resisting technology changes will only add greater costs in the long run. Budgeting for technology investment will help you get ahead of these changes before they cause your business harm, costing you time, money and even clients to your competitors.

Devise a digital transformation plan that meets the needs of your law firm

Whether you want to increase profit margins, improve the speed and reliability of your services, transform your firm’s value proposition with clients, or create a seamless cross-team collaborative culture to improve efficiency amongst your fee earners and litigation assistants, you need a plan of action. Our GAIN20 programme can help you strategically roadmap your firm’s current capabilities and where technology improvements could help you reach your business goals.

Migrate to the cloud to uphold compliance and control of client data

The legal industry is often run on legacy software, with the Covid-19 pandemic fuelling a relatively late adoption of cloud-based services. Cloud platforms give your fee earners easier access to documents when working remotely, using tools and techniques to improve the way legal work is done. Migrating your time and billing systems, CRMs and document management systems to the cloud will have a host of benefits to employees and clients, and 1101 can provide expert support to ensure this runs as seamlessly as possible.

Safeguard your systems with enhanced security options

Keeping your client’s data is of utmost importance but relying on old, outdated systems increases exposure to data breaches and cyberattacks. With remote working and cloud-based systems, a whole new remit of security concerns arises. Many law firms will have taken great care in ensuring in-office data is secure with firewalls and encryption of files. But does that same level of security assurance transcend to a mobile workforce? 1101 can enhance your IT security with protocols such as endpoint protection and multi-factor authentication as well as provide security awareness training to employees to mitigate human error and decrease your chances of a security threat.

Keep your business running by having adequate backup and disaster recovery plans

In the same vein as protecting your business from cyber threats, backup and disaster recovery should be part of your overall business security and continuity plan. A lot of businesses run on the “it’s never happened to us” mentality. However, what if you did lose access to your systems? What would the impact look like? And how long could you be without access to your critical systems including phonelines, email, applications or files?

Adapt to change quicker and become more agile with managed IT support

Many law firms, particularly smaller, niche firms, don’t have the resources to employ a dedicated in-house IT team. This has resulted in a delay of adapting new tools. Future-proofing your company has never been easier by outsourcing your IT needs to a leader of digital transformation like 1101. Our tech experts will ensure your software, programs and security are kept up to date using enterprise level technology.