Gone are the days when manufacturing was a system of job sheets, punch cards and clock-in systems. Now, if you aren’t maximising the efficiency of your processes whilst minimising material and resource waste, it makes it very difficult to compete with those that do.

Manufacturing Industry

We’re in the age of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, where manufacturing relies on connectivity and productivity applications such as Business Information Modelling, Business Intelligence or ERP Systems to make producing products possible.

1101 4 Service is dedicated to helping our partners understand the art of the possible, from integration of systems to providing a solid base of daily support and security to ensure they can meet their goals without distraction.

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Adapt to change quicker and become more agile with managed IT support

Future-proofing your company has never been easier by outsourcing your IT needs to a leader of digital transformation like 1101. Our tech experts will ensure your software, programs and AI are kept up to date using enterprise level technology.

Reduce downtime and increase productivity with GAIN20

Do your current IT systems serve you well or let you down? Through a combination of managed IT and digital transformation, we can help you get your separate systems to talk to each other and ensure all your critical service functions are monitored. This aims to reduce your system and end-user downtime as well as ensuring we minimise time consuming manual administration functions.

Manage project information and improve efficiency with BIM and PIM

Do you have data coming out of your ears and don’t know how to use it to your advantage? You’ve probably collected data about production, supply chains and employees, but maybe it’s not integrated or organised well. Business Intelligence, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Product Information Management (PMI) keep information co-ordinated to help your planning, production, sales and marketing teams operate more effectively.

Protect your data, protect your business integrity with endpoint security

Since COVID-19, manufacturers have been forced to adopt new digital ways of working to ensure the longevity and resilience of their businesses. This has increased the cybersecurity risks for a lot of businesses who previously worked solely on-site. But simple steps can be taken to reduce the threat window and ensure an IP and environment is protected by deploying a centrally managed anti-virus, malware, firewall and email filtering policy to end-users.

Keep your business running by having adequate backup and disaster recovery plans

In the same vein as protecting your business from cyber threats, backup and disaster recovery should be part of your overall business security and continuity plan. A lot of businesses run on the “it’s never happened to us” mentality. However, what if you did lose access to your systems? What would the impact look like? And how long could you be without access to your critical systems including phonelines, email, applications or files?

Upskill the workforce and reduce human errors with ongoing system development and training

Has the increasing use in technology opened up a skills gap in your workforce? You only have to blink and Microsoft Outlook has changed the way it looks. Our partners can choose to work with our consultants who are industry specialists to look at ongoing improvement programs linked in with training and development of staff and champions.