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Charities and not-for-profit organisations face huge operational dilemmas every day. They try to do everything on a shoestring budget to prevent taking much-needed funds away from the people or causes they’re supporting. This means they’re often left firefighting any technology challenges that strike.

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But from the smoke, some charities are beginning to emerge and realise change needs to happen to make the most of their limited resources. Three quarters of charities have made greater use of digital technology during the pandemic, driven by a need to deliver services remotely. Not bad going to say that pre-pandemic figures saw only 10 percent of charities reporting going through digital transformation.

1101 4 Service promote being proactive with contingency planning to help charities safeguard service users and reach and protect vulnerable beneficiaries through managed IT support and digital transformation.

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Prioritise the systems that will drive business forward with an IT strategy

Half of charities don’t have a digital strategy even if they may want to move towards a more efficient digital offering. Many charities are bound to do more with less, which can present a challenge. But thinking about quick wins and assessing your long-term goals can prove prosperous. Our GAIN20 programme can help you think strategically about how digital transformation can help you reach your goals.

Say goodbye to paper-based systems and hello to digital transformation

A surprising number of charities are still paper based. But the last few years has put paid to traditional long-handed forms of fundraising such as face-to-face collecting in high streets and supermarkets, or large-scale events. Digital transformation and implementing systems like CRM and accounts software can improve service delivery, expand trust, support day-to-day operations, and enhance marketing which in turn lead to new avenues for fundraising.

Protect your staff, volunteers and service users with improved online security

With a rise in remote working, online sales and email communication comes an advanced risk of security threats from cyber criminals looking to steal confidential data or carry out ransomware attacks. 1101 4 Service can provide security options to protect a mobile workforce such as endpoint security which may include anti-malware, firewalls, encryption and multi-factor authentication.

Keep a hand on IT costs without compromising on quality support

Let’s not try and kid ourselves; one reason why charities delay embarking on digital transformation is the cost. Many find it difficult to procure the necessary materials, tools, platforms, and training to have an effective transition. But we’re not here to overcharge you for things that wouldn’t benefit your organisation. We’ll advise on the most cost-effective options that meet your needs without you needing to excessively spend on unnecessary elements.

Narrow the knowledge gap and improve staff confidence

You might be forgiven for thinking embracing digital transformation takes a lot of knowledge and training. But your staff and volunteers probably already use a lot of the systems and processes in their day-to-day lives. That’s not to say these technologies don’t change regularly. 1101 4 Service consultants are IT specialists who are available to offer assistance and training opportunities.

Adapt to change quicker and become more agile with managed IT support

Future-proofing your charity has never been easier by outsourcing your IT needs to a leader of digital transformation like 1101. Our tech experts will ensure your software, programs and AI are kept up to date using enterprise level technology.